A large vehicle to transport patients and staff is crucial

In order to reach and treat the most patients possible, Maventy puts a great deal of focus on transportation, the best methods of obtaining it for patients and program staff, as well as the most monetarily feasible and sustainable way of maintaining it. Hospitals across Madagascar operate outdated, slow, and largely unsafe ambulances for lack of a better alternative. Unless in the case of an emergency, Maventy transports patients and its staff in the program’s SUV. A large vehicle to transport patients and staff is crucial in allowing the medical volunteers to travel and reach people in distant villages (which are frequently spaced out amongst poor road conditions) to receive medical attention.

We are ultimately striving to build resources toward a functional, efficient, and dependable ambulance, which will increase community medical outreach dramatically by allowing the doctors and medical volunteers to go beyond the metropolitan center and reach people in more remote area. To find out more about how to help us reach our transportation goals, please visit us on the “Contribute” page, and find out exactly how much your donation will impact this cause.