Donate for innovative technology and database integration

The precision and quality of Maventy’s malnutrition program is grounded largely in its innovative technology and database integration, which allows key tracking of multiple patients as well as immediate diagnosis of the patient’s severity of malnutrition in real time. Maventy developed and implemented an online child malnutrition database, which records each visit of every unique patient. Because the database is stored online, it is accessible from any internet-connected site in the world. Thus, the absence of an abundantly hi-tech medical office is assuaged with the brutally efficient and informative child malnutrition database, which stores, stores, and recalls daily patient visits, as well as determines the state of malnutrition from the entry of a child’s measurements.

Furthermore, this technology and data-capturing capability extends beyond the limits of internet accessibility, which can scarce in places where patients need medical care the most – such as some villages in Madagascar. Our expert IT volunteers developed a mobile Android application which operates offline on any Android-compatible smartphone. This allows a volunteer in the field to venture out into one of many villages which are too far from the central clinic site for the patients to visit, and measure and record patients’ data on the spot in the remote village. The application houses the patient data in the same format as the central child malnutrition database until the volunteer can connect to the internet again and upload the data to the main portal.

With these basic yet powerful technological staples, Maventy digitalizes dietary analysis and, furthermore, expands it to rural and remote areas with the emphasis of mobility, interactivity, and user efficiency.