Maventy tackles individual malnutrition cases

Maventy tackles individual malnutrition cases and stages of severity by identifying a child’s dietary deficiencies within the larger context of daily nutrition. Malnutrition and undernutrition are, after all, an ongoing result of poor or insufficient meals everyday.

Top nutrition experts from around the globe visit the Anivorano Nord site in Madagascar to conduct dietary research and evaluation of current eating habits of the local population and the nutritional value of the locally available foods. Based on the ongoing research, nutritionists compile sensible and nutritionally rich meal plans for each stage of a child’s development and consumption/digestion ability. Some of the most nutritious food in the northern region of Madagascar, though least incorporated into families’ diets, are avocados, peanuts and peanut butter, fish, and seafood.

These nutrition plans are crucial to the rehabilitation of various stages of malnutrition because the suggested foods are locally available and affordable, ultimately allowing the child’s parents to implement more nutrition into his or her diet in a feasible way with longevity. On-site medical volunteers work together with the nutritionists and clinic doctors to effectively communicate the nutritionally diverse foods on the meal plans to families in order to restructure the way they feed their children, and ultimately strengthen their youth’s growth. On the other hand, they instruct parents what foods are commonly fed to children that don’t offer substantial nutrition, like rice water.

From the first clinic visit, the combination of nutritional assessment and nutritional education for the parents streamlines the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the malnourished child. Upon the child’s next visit, his or her physical growth and progress is cross-referenced with a new round of nutritional assessment to determine what kind of foods will help boost his health further and allow him or her to grow at a healthy weight and size range.