Join us – Volunteer – Experience Madagascar

For many volunteers the time in Madagascar can be a true life changing experience. Whether you wish to join for a week or a month, expand our project or have something you think can make a difference, please don’t hesitate contacting us. We consider accepting good-willed people from all over the world. You can become a volunteer in Madagascar as well as support our organization through volunteer work from your home online.

Almost all work done in the organization is done on volunteer basis. From the internet based projects to work on the ground, people donate their time and skills to expand our projects. Noone from managment of the organization gets paid. We are all volunteers. For example, in 2010 we had volunteers from 12 countries who donated their work at the project site and volunteers from over 40 countries who assisted online totalling over 20,000 hours.

Only some expenses for which we don’t have volunteers, such as for a nonprofit tax accountant or a malagasy person who helps with transport are paid.

For more information you can review our PDF brochure of frequently asked questions: Frequently asked questions about volunteering-MHI
Our main projects in Madagascar:

Malnutrition project
Malaria prevention project
STD/HIV screening project
Tuberculosis screening project
Family planning project
general pediatric care project
general adult care project

Our main project online:
Malnutrition database project
Global marketing project
Website enhancement project ( Joomla)

General types of volunteers:

  • volunteer – consultant
  • volunteer – teacher or teacher’s assistant
  • volunteer – student in healthcare, business, science, media, IT
  • volunteer – nurse, PA or a health aid
  • volunteer – medical student, resident in training
  • volunteer – doctor, psychologist, social worker
  • volunteer – epidemiologist, anthropologist, statistician
  • volunteer – engineer
  • volunteer – builder
  • volunteer – data collector
  • volunteer – IT / computer specialist - online, even from home
  • volunteer – web/ database designer
  • volunteer – journalist
  • volunteer – photographer- film maker
  • volunteer – marketer
  • volunteer – accountant / CPA
  • volunteer – finance expert – non-profits, MBA
  • volunteer – other professional

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Please let us know of your interests, background and desires. If you feel our interests resonate with yours, we would be more than happy discuss any further details with you.

You can also e-mail us at: and/ or you can directly apply online at our website