Our prior volunters

Meet us

It is impossible to meet us or list us ( maventy volunteers)  all.

Maventy volunteers have come by now from all continents and from many countries.

From Australia to Thailand, volunteers have dedicated some time in their life to promote this challenging project.

Since 2008, they have donated hundreds of thousands of hours of free work whether providing it online as IT, marketing, legal, accounting experts or volunteering directly at projects sites as nurses, doctors, scientists, teachers and beyond.

For those who wish to know at least the few persons trying to guide this endeavor, we list them here:

Volunteer-Chairman of Maventy Health International: H.E., Ambassador of Madagascar to the United Nations, Zina Andrianarivelo, Razafy, MBA

Mr. Zina as we call him, is the biggest fan Madagascar could ever wish for. He has stood for Madagascar through thick and thin. Has witness and endured through many political crises, coupes and even wars. While he represents Madagascar at the United Nations, his heart is with the local people. It was thanks to him that this organization was born with the simple idea to help his local natives through bringing help via innovation, expertise, education to Madagascar. Mr. Zina has supported the endeavors as a chairman- volunteer at many levels. He likes to hear about challenges on the ground and tries to help at any possible level. Without him, Maventy (which means in malagasy big/large) would not be Maventy. We all thank him for his incredible leadership, support and dedication.

Volunteer-CEO, Martin Malachovsky, MD, MPH

Dr.M as many call him, as been volunteering with maventy since its inception. As a physician he visited Madagascar prior to existence of Maventy. Witnessing the enormous health care problems leading to high child mortality and low life expectancy, he took up Mr. Zina’s challenging idea to help people in Madagascar. Since the Maventy was born in 2007, he has been working as a volunteer to help this project. He is grateful to all the incredible people he had a chance to work with and for the enormous amount of good will others provided to this project.

Volunteer-Secretary, Rebecca Farber, MD

Dr. Farber is a pediatrician who also visited Madagascar , first in 2006. Through her professional lens she has seen the child malnutrition as no one else. Thanks to her many ideas about the project were born and she has been instrumental to the child malnutrition work ever since. Thanks to her children in Madagascar at the project site can receive almost the same level of sophisticated growth and development evaluation as they receive in New York City where she practices as a pediatrician.

volunteer-Vice President: Beat Luetolf, Esq

Big Beat, as we call him, is an attorney in Zurich Switzerland. At Maventy’s conception he was a young attorney attending Columbia University’s Law School LLM program. Having interest in nonprofit legal matters he volunteered his services to Maventy. We all cant thank him enough for making maventy be what it is today.