Our Current International Volunteers making Maventy work behind the scene:


Since the start of Maventy, hundreds of volunteers from around the world contributed to the infrastructure, maintenance and growth of Maventy online and in the field. Thanks to their generosity, Maventy’s primary mission to diagnose and treat malnutrition has advanced and made great strides. While we can’t list them all, below are the most active volunteers whose dedication, skills and persistence has made this project an amazing and impactful endeavor.

Dan Frankowski

Dan Frankowski has been volunteering with Maventy since 2008. Thanks to his dedication and digital expertise, the online child malnutrition tracking database remains an informational and highly functioning diagnostic tool for tracking the children’s growth on-site. Dan has spent tens of thousands of hours maintaining consistency, troubleshooting  and a high level of direction to the database project as the resident Maventy programming expert.

Dan currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Edit Peronja

Edit began volunteering for the IT team in 2010 while she was living in South Africa. Thanks to her expertise, diligence and persistence, the child malnutrition database can effectively analyze the existing data and produce astute statistical analysis of the malnutrition levels in screened children, as well as their growth progress over time. She is also helping make improvements to many logistical aspects of the database functionality and reporting, ultimately working to make the database more user-friendly and the reports easier to read. From data entry fields to the analysis of affected children by location, she has been translating the work of dedicated volunteers and staff on the ground into tangible and meaningful results.

Edit currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Oscar Combarros

Oscar has been volunteering with Maventy since 2010 and is the face behind the Maventy’s web design and maintenance. Thanks to his incredible design skills and his unmatched dedication, the Maventy site continues to improve in aesthetic quality and functionality. We can’t thank him enough for his attention to detail, patience and consistently positive attitude.

Oscar currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.


Yelena Teplitskaya

Yelena Teplitskaya joined Maventy’s volunteer team in 2010. Her consistent encouragement of Maventy’s ventures into online and promotional marketing as well as innovative ideas and dedication to the project has allowed Maventy to solidify the presentation of its core mission on the web as well as on-site. She contributed to several Maventy promotional campaigns, including the Maventy Vitamin and holiday peanut butter recipes. She perpetually strives to record and promote the accomplishments and strides made by Maventy’s many devoted volunteers in all facets of the child malnutrition diagnostic program.

Yelena Currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, United States.


Ruth Halderman

Ruth Halderman

Ruth Halderman began volunteering with Maventy in 2012. She has a multifaceted background in various business fields including marketing, social media, web design photography. Infusing her social media expertise into the Maventy online presence continues to increase its web traffic and catapult the organization into a broader caliber of social awareness and interest. In addition, Ruth single-handedly implemented Maventy’s operational procedures and processes, providing legal, logistical and organizational direction and materials for on-going projects and meetings.

Ruth currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Martin Malachovsky

Martin Malachovsky has been volunteering with Maventy since 2007. He has been a volunteer CEO and tries to keep things going. He has seen Maventy going through many challenges and cant thank enough everyone for making this impossible endeavor possible. The work and dedication of volunteers whether online or at the project sites keeps astounding him and is one of the main fuels propelling the work forward.

He resides in New Jersey, United States.


Nosy Razafindratavy

Nosy (Zanakolona) has been a volunteer of Maventy since 2009. Thanks to her diplomatic efforts, Maventy has overcome many administrative, logistical and business hurdles. Without a doubt, Maventy would not have had the success it experience thus far without her involvement and intervention, such as communicating and visiting ministry and Madagascar government officials who deal with non-profit organizations.

She is the primary volunteer guide, welcoming each volunteer upon their touchdown in Madagascar, to facilitating their transportation to the project sites. She has also been an integral part of international transport, receiving international packages with resources, working through visa issues, non-profit reporting, setting up new project sites, buying equipment, all the while meeting the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Health, Foreign Affairs and Internal Security. Although she often has a lot of time-sensitive issues on her hands, she always seems to make the impossible possible with an incredible positivity.

Nosy currently resides near Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Stacy Marcus

Stacy Marcus began volunteering with Maventy in 2012. As a renowned  attorney with extensive experience in commercial law, she has made time in her incredibly busy schedule to serve as an extremely valuable consultant and legal resource for Maventy. We appreciate and look forward to working with her on many administrative fronts.

Stacy currently resides in New York, New York, USA.


Abigail Farber ( no photo yet)

Dr. Abigail Farber has been volunteering with Maventy since 2008. As a pediatrician with a vast amount of experience with children of diverse backgrounds, she has been instrumental in providing guidance for many issues pertinent to child malnutrition. She has been also a dedicated document editor and constant supporter of Maventy.

Abigail currently resides in Tenafly, New Jersey, USA.

Sadan Gurbuzturk

Sadan has been volunteering with Maventy since 2009. She has been providing accounting support to Maventy Health International on a monthly basis. If we were able to calculate the number of hours and lines she reviewed to reconcile bank statements, Quickbooks records and thousands of receipts, it would be a very long number. We can’t thank her enough for her diligence and patience with our team and often limited resources.

Sadan currently resides in New York, New York, USA.



Alexandra Leenders

Alexandra Leenders, is a medical student at the University of Maastricht in Holland. As a volunteer and member of the UNSA (United Nations Student Association) at the University of Maastricht she helps to coordinate, develop and promote the project. She is originally from Belgium.

Alexandra currently resides in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Jorge Cancela

Jorge has been volunteering with Maventy since 2011. He is an expert in mobile health technology and has been the the Maventy leader in the development and design of our mobile application for child malnutrition.

Jorge resides in Madrid, Spain.