About Maventy’s Parents

About Maventy parents

Dr. Martin Malachovsky and Dr. Rebecca Farber first gave birth to the idea of Maventy Health International in 2007 during a volunteer trip in rural Madagascar where they found a staggering number of malnourished children and women with devastating yet preventable health issues. Eager to nourish this region with basic medical care and knowledge, they partnered with the ambassador of Madagascar to the UN to develop a program which identifies, tracks, and treats malnutrition using locally available resources. Today, Maventy is fueled by over 100 volunteers from a variety of educational backgrounds, who utilize their medical, instructional, and humanitarian capabilities to measure, record, and diagnose malnutrition in infants and young children. When they aren’t caring for families across the globe, Dr. Malachovsky and Dr. Farber run their private practice Bodhi Medical Care, LLC in New York City. Dr. Farber is a pediatrician, who studied medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dr. Malachovsky practices internal medicine, having attended Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

What is Maventy?

Maventy is a mobile medical program based in existing clinics geared toward measuring, identifying, and treating malnutrition in young children, while also offering basic primary care, screenings, and immunizations. We work with on-site doctors to treat malnutrition immediately by prescribing the affected children doses of peanut butter and multivitamins. We strive to create individualized long-term treatment plans by working with the children’s parents and primary caregivers to modify their children’s existing feeding patterns and habits. We identify and include locally-grown nutritious food in their children’s everyday diets, which ultimately fosters growth-promoting feeding patterns.

Our philosophy is based on volunteerism from the heart. We operate purely on the monetary and skill-based compassion of our donors and volunteers. Since its inception, our program and its attributes – including medical supplies, multivitamins, website, and medical expertise – have been donated by over 100 volunteers with varying backgrounds, who donated their time and individual talents toward our campaign to overcome malnutrition.

We don’t have employees and neither the management nor the volunteers receive any salary or stipend. Some people have worked with us for several years and have donated over 10,000 hours of medical, IT, operation, and promotional effort. Everyone contributes according to his or her availability and capacity.